Thursday, January 6, 2011

Supplementing your Course With Blackboard -- Day 1

DAY 1: Getting Started -- So you read our New Year's Day post and are ready to use Blackboard in a more expansive manner this semester. Now, you are about to populate your Blackboard course.  

First, read this post on 100 Reasons to Use Blackboard before you start. There's likely a few Blackboard features which have slipped by under the radar. Identify those which may be of help and then go down the checklist below. We've listed a few concepts and skills which will be of help as you build your Blackboard site.
Think of your Blackboard site as three areas: content, communication, and assessment. The three areas should align with each other and one should dovetail into the next.  Blackboard's OnDemand Learning Center has some great tutorials which can be helpful as you begin designing your course.

Assess your current Blackboard skills, at a minimum, you should be able to do the following:

TIP: Your students will have a more enjoyable experience with Blackboard if you start at (or near) the beginning of the course as opposed to adding things on in a piecemeal manner.

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    You also may want to change the starting point for your course.  See the tutorial below:


    Access the Style Option in the Control Panel
    Go to the Control Panel and click on STYLE.

    Go to OPTION 4

    Select the button you would like your course to open from. Then hit submit. NOTE, if you JUST added the button, you may have to logout and then log back in. Otherwise, the ENTRY POINT box may bnot have your desired selection.
    If you have other questions, please contact the 24x7 Blackboard Helpdesk at (877) 736-2585 or visit their homepage.

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