Thursday, January 20, 2011

So You Created an Assignment in Blackboard, NOW WHAT?

This tutorial will describe how to access an assignment (learn about assignments) in Blackboard. Managing assignment submissions via Blackboard provides students with an opportunity to either upload a file or directly insert (copy and paste) text into the submission box. Either way, this tutorial will show you how to access their work.

Access the Grade Center

Two options:
1. Select the chevron (also known as the 'double down arrow' -- shown on the left) to expand the GRADE CENTER menu option then go to the next step.
2. Select the horizontal chevron on the right, which will bring you to the FULL GRADE CENTER. Then skip the next step.



Search for the Assignment

The GREEN EXCLAMATION POINT denotes an assignment that needs to be graded. Click the chevron to view grading options.

View Grade Details


View Attempt


View Submission -- As Text

You can direct students to either submit a file or to paste their text directly into the submission box. This step shows what it will look like if they put text directly into the submission box.

View Submission -- As Uploaded File

Since most students use a word processor to write papers, they may be more comfortable uploading the file to Blackboard. Click on the link to download the file. You will then be able to open the document with MS Word, read and comment. View this Blackboard tutorial on "Electronic Paper Grading"

Providing Feedback

When grading downloaded files, you must decide how to provide feedback. You can use the COMMENTS option in MS Word to embed comments into their paper. Once complete, you must then upload the graded paper back to Blackboard so the student may view your remarks. Alternatively, you may enter comments into the FEEDBACK TO USER box.

Using Instructor Notes

This option allows you to record personal notes on a student's submission. These notes are NOT seen by the student but can be used as a personal reminder if there is a need for follow-up.


If you need further help, please call the 24 hour Blackboard helpline at 202-274-5665 or toll free: 877-736-2585. For more information on Grading Assignments, view this site.

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