Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Orienting Students To Blackboard Workshop

This post will compliment tonight's online workshop [view instructions to log on to the workshop] on orienting your students to Blackboard

This tutorial will introduce you to the Blackboard 9.1 system. We will discuss how to login, how to access courses and a general orientation on the system.

Online Tutorials from Blackboard: http://ondemand.blackboard.com/

Student Tutorials by the Center for Academic Technology: http://lrdudc.wrlc.org/cat/videos/students-video-tutorials.php

What is Blackboard?

Blackboard is a learning management system which connects students and professors outside of the traditional classroom. See www.blackboard.com for information on Blackboard.

Logging On

Go to udc.blackboard.com and use your EMAIL login [username and password] to gain access.
If you don't know your login information, see the following two screenshots.

Finding out Your Email Login

Access the UDC email site: www.udc.edu/mail. By default, your username is FIRSTNAME.LASTNAME and the password is your student ID number (found on the back of your ID card).

After you Login . . .

All of the courses you are currently enrolled in will appear in the top right of your screen.

Back to Blackboard . . .

Be sure to spend a few minutes orienting yourself with the look and feel of your course. Explore the buttons to the left.


You will be able to submit assignments online. Be sure to check due dates.

Various Tools

Blackboard 9.1 has several tools to make learning more interesting and engaging for the student. Your professor will decide which ones to use in the course.

Viewing Grades

You will be able to access any entered grades here.

Other Resources

1. Click on this link to view the ALDADIN library website.
2. Click on this link for HELP with Blackboard




You can search on various online journals and databases.

Searching E-Journals

Enter a term [in our case 'Nutrition'] and results will display on the screen. In most cases you can print or download the text directly from the site.


Did you know that all University of the District of Columbia students have access to FREE Online Tutoring through SMARTHINKING?

There are Math, Business, Nursing, and Writing subjects and over 1500 tutors to help you!

To access FREE tutoring:
1. Log into your Blackboard account
2. Select a course
3. Select "tools" on the left
4. Scroll down to click “Smarthinking login

If you have difficulties accessing your account, please call 202-274-5665 or email ejones@udc.edu
Once you are logged in, check out their Student Handbook here http://www.smarthinking.com/static/content/SMARTHINKING_Student_Handbook.pdf  and feel free to contact SMARTHINKING’s Customer Support Team at 888.430.7429 ext 1 or support@smarthinking.com. 


If you have issues, a service desk is available 24 hours a day. You may also be able to have a LIVE CHAT. You can access this site directly at http://helpdesk.lrdudc.wrlc.org/


Visit the Center for Academic Technology webpage [http://lrdudc.wrlc.org/cat/] for other Blackboard related help.

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