Thursday, October 14, 2010

Using FlipCams in the Classroom

Today, I conducted a workshop on the use of FlipCams in the classroom.  FlipCams cost about $150 and can record up to 2 hours of video.  The greatest feature of the flipcam is its ease of use.

You press the red button to record, press it again to stop.  You can zoom in and out and the sound is excellent.  And to top it all off, to get the video from the camera, all you do is stick it in your USB port.  From there, you can upload to youtube or share via the web.

The Center for Academic Technology has 2 FlipCam's which can be used by faculty.   Please contact Dr Suzan Harkness to use them.

Using FlipCams in the Classroom
I've used or seen used FlipCams used in the classroom in a number of ways:
1. Recording a mid-term or final exam review
2. Recording student presentations
3. Explaining a math or science concept (5 minute lecture)
4. Capturing performance (music/drama)
5. Experiential Learning... having students record out of class experiences

Educause has a great website which discusses 7 Things you should know about Flip Cams in higher education.

Here's an example of the FlipCam in use:

Around the Web

There have been a number of very good web posts [TechLearning, FreeTechnologyforTeachers,  on FlipCams.  I really like this post which lists 10 Educational uses for Flipcams (list below).  Duke University also has an excellent site on the use of FlipCams in the classroom.

1. Video is the new PowerPoint

2. Field Trips
3. Science Experiments
4. Journalism and English
5. Drama
6. School Assemblies
7. Student Council
8. Technology and Design
9. ICT Coursework
10. School Websites and PR

Lastly, this presentation gives all types of ways to use Flip Cams.  

Here are the slides I 'use' in the workshop.

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