Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Blackboard 9.1 Features

I created this Tagul word cloud as an introductory activity for my Intro to Blackboard workshops. Faculty often come into the workshops with varying levels of readiness and I typically ask the room which (if any) of these words are they unfamiliar with as it relates to online learning.

Unlike Wordle, Tagul can be setup to feed the words into a search query (you can choose which one) so when the user clicks on it, they go to that search result. It also zooms in on words to make them bigger, a little visual animation not yet in Wordle.

In the Tagul below, clicking on any of the terms will bring you to the Blackboard forums where that term is discussed/explained.

This semester, the Center for Academic Technology is offering workshops on Blackboard and other technology related topics.  Sign up now!

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