Friday, October 8, 2010

Online Tools for Educators -- and a Diigo demo

I was asked by a faculty member to create a list of online tools [view as list or slideshow] I use in the classroom. It was hard because I go back and forth with some tools, like mindmeister, that didn't make the list, versus mywebspiration, which did. Or for timelines, dipity versus timerime (not on the list).

Naturally, I had to employ a Web 2.0 tool in sharing the list.  I used Diigo for this one.  Diigo is a social bookmarking site like or digg, but it includes a utility (diigolet) that allows you to 'tag' and store pages on the fly.  Once a list is stored, you can create a webpage slideshow of all the sites you've archived.

Below is my web 2.0 tools  list from diigo.  I'd love to hear your comments if you've used any of these!

Screen shot 2010-04-23 at 2.50.18 AM.png

or as a slideshow:
Screen shot 2010-04-23 at 2.50.01 AM.png

The show will rotate through each site (every 10 seconds), or you can click on the site you like.

Screen shot 2010-04-23 at 2.50.07 AM.png

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