Friday, October 1, 2010

Getting Started with Assignments

Assignments in Blackboard is a gateway technology (a quick Google Search shows this term has not been defined).  In my mind, a gateway technology is a web tool, utility, or a service which (once understood) that can open the doors to more complex technologies.

For example, if you understand discussion boards, you will be better prepared to employ adjacent technologies (nearby technologies which are similar in functionality and use -- think of adjacent technologies as those on a horizontal plane and gateway technologies as those on a vertical plane) such as journals, wikis, and blogs.

Blackboard allows you to create assignments (such as a critical essay) and have students submit their papers electronically.  This means no more collecting papers, but it also means building your skills for grading papers electronically.  [Here's a nice reference from Cal State Poly on grading electronically]

Blackboard also allows you to create assessments such as quizzes, surveys or tests, and manages the grading process.  Once you start using assignments, assessments are the adjacent technology which you should explore.  The goal is to allow Blackboard to facilitate the assessment process.  It doesn't REPLACE, just facilitate.

Here's a great comparison of some adjacent technologies in Blackboard  from North Dakota State University

This semester, the Center for Academic Technology is offering workshops on Blackboard and other technology related topics.  Sign up now!

Here's some information from Blackboard on Assignments.Using Assignments in Blackboard


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