Friday, September 17, 2010

Rubrics and Blackboard

This lesson will discuss the creation of rubrics in Blackboard. Also check out the Blackboard page on rubrics online.

Access Rubrics

Select Rubrics from the Course Tools menu. If you don't see the Rubrics options, view this short tutorial to add it. Note, you must CREATE the rubric before you associate it with an assessment.

Create New Rubric

If you have already created a rubric, you will see it on this screen (see the PRACTICE rubric). More than likely, you will need to CREATE a rubric

Name rubric

You may have multiple rubrics, be sure to name them appropriately. The description may be useful to you , but is not mandatory.

Define Rubric

Blackboard provides a simple template. You can add rows/columns and assign point values too.

Modifying Columns

You can edit a column or row by clicking on the chevron (circled) and pressing EDIT. Note in this picture, the "Show Point Range" box is checked and now the points aren't fixed, but can be a range.

Connecting the Rubric with an Assessment

You must go to the Control Panel and access the "Full Grade Center" to connect a rubric with an assessment.

Select the Assessment

Click on the chevron in the column header. If the assessment can support rubrics, select the "View and Add Rubrics" option

Select the Rubric

Select the rubric you wish to use with the assessment by pressing ADD RUBRIC.

Confirm Selection

Make sure the checkbox is selected for the rubric you wish to connect with the assessment.

Changed Your Mind?

If you wish to view the rubric, slect the icon with the two overlaid squares (on the left). To disassociate (it won't delete) the rubric from the assessment, press the X.

Grading with the Rubric

When you start grading, press VIEW GRADE DETAILS to view the student's submission.

Viewing the Rubric

When you are in the grading screen, you can view the rubric (as a reminder). Students will also be able to see the rubric, although the score for each section won't be visible.

View short Video on Rubrics

Be sure to turn the volume up. Here's the link to the tutorial:

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