Monday, September 27, 2010

The Advent Of Mobile Learning Technology -- And Explaining Slideshare

I think everyone knows about Slideshare, it's usually my first stop before starting on a new presentation.  For the uninitiated, Slideshare is like YouTube for Powerpoint presentations.  (a similar service for documents of all types is People from all walks of like share their presentations, creating a digital library of information.

Like all internet resources, the credibility and authority of each presentation must be examined, however there are a few ways to do this.

Slideshare recently added a statistics box to each presentation, now you can see what other folks thought about the presentation, usually the best barometer of its credibility.  Think of it like user reviews on Amazon or Ebay...I find user ratings to be tremendously helpful!

[FYI, an embed is when you share content from one site on another.  By using the embed button on Slideshare, when I created this blog post, I became the 9th person to do so -- resulting in 140 views--as of today]

In Blackboard 9, Slideshare, in addition to YouTube and Flickr (pictures), are now part of the learning management system.  From any content area, you can click on BUILD CONTENT where you can browse each site and share learning resources with your students.

Visit this site for step by step instructions on adding mash-ups to your course.

OK, so now back to where the motivation for this post started... mobile technology!  Blackboard recently released a mobile browser (for the Android, Iphone Blackberry and iPad), an act which has already been seen as a catapult to the mobile learning industry (See Wall St Journal article).

Mobile learning is one of the two spaces I am really excited in terms of education technology, with the other being virtual learning.  Well, here's a Slideshare presentation on Mobile Learning...ENJOY!

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