Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How to Respond to Discussion Boards

[This tutorial was created to assist students in utilizing Discussion Boards.  Each week, Dr. Broadnax will ask her students to comment on ethical questions posed in the course text.  Students will write their entries by a predetermined date and then respond to their classmates once the first phase of the project is complete.]

This lesson will show you how to respond to Discussion Boards in Blackboard in Dr Broadnax's Ethical Issues in Health course. You can view this tutorial online at:

After logging in to Blackboard

Click on the button labeled DISCUSSION BOARD

Select the Appropriate Forum

A discussion board can have multiple forums. Typically, each forum will represent a new assignment. Be sure to read the description and make sure you are entering information in the appropriate forum.

Understanding Threads

A forum may have multiple threads. So, to recap, a Discussion Board may have multiple FORUMS which may have multiple THREADS. A thread is similar to an email with multiple responses. When you reply to an email, you see the original email and your response(s) together. Think of a thread as the same concept where replies to the original email message are kept together.
You must click a thread to view its content.
Your instructor may allow you to create threads also. Feel free to suggest topics or pose questions to your classmates.

Responding to a Post

When you click on a message, you will be able to view its content on the bottom of the screen.

Clinking on Message

When you respond to a message, it is called a post (or message). You may be asked to respond to the posts of your classmates, be sure to click on the appropriate post before hitting REPLY.

To Reply to a Message

Enter information and then SAVE or SUBMIT.

Viewing New Post

To learn more about discussion board in Blackboard, go to:
For Blackboard help beyond this tutorial:
In person: Building 41, Room 106 on the Van Ness Campus
Blackboard Help Desk available 24/7/365! Telephone: 202-274-5665 or toll free: 877-736-2585

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