Thursday, September 16, 2010

How to Share a Document Using Google Docs

LiveScribeSo I’ve set a goal to become a paperless teacher within the next 6 months.  Between dropbox, Google Docs, Scribd, and a 4 gig USB drive, I’m very determined to make this happen.  I’m also lucky enough to have an ipad and a LiveScribe Pen  (pictured) to help me stay paper free.

But this post isn’t about me, it’s about my quest to help veteran faculty members to better leverage technology in their teaching.   Most faculty are misguided in thinking technology is an end-product for classroom use. They often dismiss the use of technology in class prep and post-class work.  In all honesty, I end up using more technology to make MY LIFE easier, as opposed to *in class* ‘stuff’.
Yesterday, a prof. asked me about a way to share a document with colleagues so he could get a quick turnaround on comments and revisions.  I used Jing to introduce him to Google Docs (they already had a Gmail account) and the sharing capability. 
I didn’t go into ALL of the features [get a tour], but it worked just fine.  Check it out below [here’s the link]

To learn more about Google Docs and file sharing, check out the Google Docs help page.

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