Friday, August 5, 2011

SoftChalk 7

SoftChalk 7 is now available. This updated software application comes packed with a number of significant upgrades.

SoftChalk 7 is an interactive multimedia media authoring tool used in higher education (and K-12). It's designed to let instructors create and edit e-learning resources on the Web without the need for HTML or other programming knowledge. It includes built-in style sheets for page navigation, layout, and other design elements and automatically packages the materials for use in a learning management system such as Blackboard.

SoftChalk 7 adds new functionality that automatically generates a mobile version of materials created using the tool and displays the appropriate version based on the device the viewer is using. It also added six new HTML5-based templates for creating materials.

SoftChalk Smart Mobile – SoftChalk content can now be specially formatted for viewing on smart phone devices. This new feature automatically generates mobile friendly versions each time you create with SoftChalk.  Version 7 lessons automatically detect your learner’s device and delivers the appropriate version of your content for their smart phone, tablet or computer.

SoftChalk authoring – featuring six new activity templates designed for mobile devices, a new “embed” tool (IFrame) to easily embed web pages, pdfs and other files in your learning content, and many more exciting new enhancements.

Kevin Reeve, Enterprise Architect at Utah State University, beta tested SoftChalk 7 and said, "I am most excited about the new mobile features available. With these, I can easily bring interactive and engaging content to learners on the go. The ability to produce mobile friendly e-learning content is moving SoftChalk light-years ahead of other software providers out there" (Source).

“We are excited to provide educators the means to reach the digital students who demand learning outside of the classroom,” stated Sue Evans, co-founder and CEO of SoftChalk (Source).

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