Thursday, June 16, 2011

FERPA Guidelines for Online, Hybrid and Web-Facilitated Courses

Below, please find some tips to guide instruction while being mindful of FERPA as it pertains to online instruction. Online learning at the University of the District of Columbia is to be presented using the Blackboard learning management portal. Use of any other commercial online vendors and internet repositories by UDC faculty (full-time or adjunct) to capture UDC student information and course records are a violation of university guidelines and may infringe on student FERPA rights.

Students enrolled in courses with online components and distance education courses are covered by FERPA and protected from release of educational material and private student information. Only the registered student may have access to their educational materials such as grades and course work.

Students must be permitted to opt out of having data shared with other students, and complete agreements or waivers of privacy rights granted by FERPA regarding electronic submissions.

It is a FERPA violation to notify students of grades via e-mail, or publically post grades by student's name, student number, or social security number. Use of the Blackboard grade center will eliminate FERPA grade posting violations.

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