Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Extreme Makeover Essay Edition

Writing papers and doing research can be one of the hardest tasks for students to master.  Because it is difficult many students balk at the task. 
This is unfortunate because writing and research are two skills that are mastered more easily when learned through repetition.

The Academic Support Center and the Learning Resources Division has worked jointly since last semester to offer workshops for students that focus on the
individual skills necessary for completing research papers.

During the first summer session, ASC-LRD is offering workshops that target five core areas: Effective Note Taking; Research Basics; Editing Drafts;

Encourage your students to attend!!

Workshop Descriptions

Creating a Blueprint: Academic Advisor Mark Rivera will go over strategies for effective note taking.

Laying the Foundation: Librarian Rachel Jorgensen will review research basics, including identifying sources and performing database searches.

Landscaping: ASC Coordinator Juana Hernandez will give tips on editing drafts.

Contracting Out: Rachel Jorgensen will review citation rules and formatting works cited and reference pages.

Schedule of Workshops
June 8, 12:30 PM: Creating a Blueprint, E-lab 105, bldg 41 and Laying the Foundation, Suite B-103, bldg 32.

June 8, 3:00 PM: Landscaping, Suite B-103, bldg 32.

June 14, 12:30 PM: Landscaping, Suite B-103, bldg 32.

June 14, 3:00 PM: Contracting Out, E-lab 105, bldg 41.

June 15, 12:30 PM: Contracting Out, Suite B-103, bldg 32.

June 15, 3:00 PM: Landscaping, Suite B-103, bldg 32.

Questions?  Contact Prof. Rachel Jorgensen, 202-274-6116

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