Thursday, November 4, 2010

Subscribing to the Center for Academic Technology Blog Using Outlook

This tutorial will show you how to subscribe to the Center for Academic Technology blog [] using Microsoft Outlook. We will employ a technology called RSS [Really Simple Syndication]. This will send new blog posts (usually 3 per week) to your inbox, just like email.
You can view a PDF version of this document here:

Select the RSS Feeds option in Outlook

Select the option "RSS Feeds"

Option 1: Right Click on the RSS FEEDS option

A 'right-click' is when you click the 'other' mouse button, or the one on the 'right'. Then click on the option "Add a New RSS Feed..."

Option 2: Use the Menu Bar to Select the Option

Once you select RSS Feeds, go to the menu bar under FILE, select FOLDER, then "Add a New RSS Feed..."

Add the RSS Feed

Enter the following URL: This points to the RSS feed for the blog.

The Perfunctory Warning Box

Click YES

VoilĂ ! -- It's DONE

For more on RSS feeds and Microsoft Outlook, visit this link:
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  1. Very nice...I hadn't yet checked out the RSS Reader feature in Outlook, I always just use Google Reader...but this is neat to know. By the way, you have a spelling error on the word "usually" " blog posts (usally 3 per week)...". Nice work!

  2. Thx Natalie. Yeah, Google Reader is my choice too:) I learned that I can't always push the technology *I* use...I think you almost need to go through the RSS 'thing' before graduating to Reader.

    I tried to get faculty to use Reader at my old institution (see my other blog --> . I since told myself that whenever possible, just use the technology folks ALREADY know. The leap to Google is too big for some.

    And fixed the typo...