Monday, November 29, 2010

Personalized Learning

According to a Brandon Hall report on Blended Learning:

"Design and development of blended learning requires a holistic approach involving modern pedagogy, learner needs and expectations, and technology.... A key design aspect of blended learning should be aimed at personalized learning with a human or virtual guide to direct and support the individual learner."

Citing research by Sharpe ("Success Factors for Blended Learning"), the following design factors were highlighted:
  1. Analysis of successful and successful features of the course content (including learner feedback)
  2. Undertaking the design as a team, ensuring staff members have the time to properly integrate face to face and online material
  3. Designs that make explicit their underlying principles -- these could be established pedagogical principles, active learning, repetition and elaboration, prompt and frequent feedback, or course outcomes
  4. Developing the course iteratively over a number of years
  5. Help students develop conceptions of the learning process
  6. Disseminate and communicate the results of evaluations.

So how does your blended course stack up? Comments please:)

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