Thursday, May 19, 2011

Competencies for Online Teaching Success (COTS)

Larry Ragan, PhD., Director of Faculty Development for Penn State's World Campus has made significant contributions to faculty expectations in the online arena. In particular, Dr. Ragan and colleagues identify three key areas:

I. Core competencies for online teaching success – Currently there are 28 competencies across three main topic areas of technology, course administration, and pedagogy.

II. Online instructors' performance expectations – Currently there are eight key performance expectations and a description of behavior attributes. I have modified these slightly to fit our institution.

III. Performance metrics – Although not all of the behaviors lend themselves to metrics, some do – these are: feedback, availability and communication.

To learn more go to:

Faculty Focus

Penn. State University World Campus  – Excellence in Teaching Website

Also see: Ragan, Larry. “Defining Competencies for Online Teaching Success.” Distance Education Report 13.19 (2009): 3-6.

Moreover, he has put his flip camcorder to good use and has uploaded numerous 1-3 minute videos to YouTube. They can all be accessed by typing “world campus cots” into the YouTube search window.

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