Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Exporting Your Blackboard Course

This brief demo will discuss how to backup your Blackboard course. For a text-based tutorial, view this site from UNC Chapel Hill. Each faculty member is given a set allocation in Blackboard. While UDC does backup all courses, you can keep a copy of your Blackboard site as a file. This file contains the full content of your Blackboard site and can be used to copy the course for a new semester or clear space in your account.

Access the Archive Course Link

NOTE: Use the IMPORT PACKAGE option to upload (import) your archived course into a new course shell.

Select Export


Choose to Copy the Course

I recommend copying all content. You can always choose NOT to import items, so it's better to save everything. Once you hit SUBMIT, the system will take a few minutes (you will receive an email when done) to package the file

Save the File

Save the file to your computer. You may want to email Ed Jones if you are experiencing space difficulties. He can remove your old site and clear up space in your account.
If you need further help, please call the 24 hour Blackboard helpline at 202-274-5665 or toll free: 877-736-2585.

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