Monday, February 14, 2011

So the NYT is into Education Now?

Over the last few months, the Times has had a few really good stories about online learning.  In no particular order:

Growing Up Digital, Wired for Distraction

This story looks at how students are growing up in a digital world and increasingly distracted in other parts of their lives.  As a college educator, I already see these students in my classroom.  This is REAL!

10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Technology 

As someone who does a lot of professional development for faculty, I often cringe when someone who uses little technology in their personal lives attempts to take the leap into online teaching.  This article provides some basic pointers for becoming a more effective user of technology.  I assure you, it will help you in the classroom too,

For Your Files, Lots of Room In the Cloud

Everyone SHOULD be talking about the cloud, but folks are still walking around with USB sticks thinking they are cool.  I mean, they are great backups if the Internet is down, but anything more is simply passe.  This article discusses strategies for using the cloud to store files.

Online Courses, Still Lacking That Third Dimension

This article outlines comprehensive programs by MIT, CMU, Cal Berkeley and other institutions to raise the quality of online courses.  It's worth the read just for the Bill Gates quote:
“We should focus on having at least one great course online for each subject rather than lots of mediocre courses,”

Replacing a Pile of Textbooks With an iPad

Will the iPad revolutionize textbooks in higher education?  This article examines the issue.

In a Digital Age, Students Still Cling to Paper Textbooks

This article kinda counters the one above.  Interesting perspective either way.

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