Thursday, March 8, 2012

GoogleDoc Not Your Thing but You Like the Intent? Well Here is one alternative!

TypeWith.Me is an online document collaboration space similar to GoogleDocs as it also works in real time. It is free, simple to use and does not require any registration. It is a great tool for faculty when collaborating on grants or other projects. However, faculty may also utilize it in their classes with students.

A Few Examples of ways students can use

1. Students that are paired in groups can work on a single document with each one adding and editing content.

2. Faculty can also assign roles to various students such as checking for grammar or citations and group members can add their contributions to one space.

3. Faculty can create a neutral piece of writing for students to work on it online, they can add explanations and embed in the document.

4. Faculty can use it with students to get the whole class to participate and contribute perspectives on a subject pertaining to the subject of the course.

As you see there are several basic uses of this technology. So Let’s Cover the Basics of How to Get Started


You may also view this video tutorial to learn how to use this tool.

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