Thursday, December 15, 2011

Get Organized! Two Web 2.0 tools that are worth checking out!

Make your Classroom a community with Edmodo

Edmodo is a microblogging service designed specifically for educational use. Faculty who use Edmodo are able to create a microblogging network for their classes. The latest version of Edmodo updates in real-time so that members of groups may quickly respond to each other. This tool enables a place to post assignment reminders, build an event calendar, or post messages to student groups. To learn more about Edmodo watch the video below.



Get organized in your thinking via is a project management tool that utilizes the concepts of mind mapping and drag and drop sequencing. It is a place to create to-do lists or project management schedules. You can organize your project into groups that refers to as "trains." Your lists can include text notes as well as links. The "trains" you create are basically categories for your to-do lists. You can rearrange the boxes in each of your trains by dragging and dropping them into place. Your can be made public or kept private. See the image below to get a quick view of what looks like.


In the educational arena, could be useful for students to organize all parts of their academic lives (classes, projects, social activities, Greek events, etc…). For example, students could create a "train" of to-do lists for their classes, a "train" for extracurricular activities, and a "train" for community service activities. can also be used to outline writing assignments or research projects. Utilizing the drag and drop feature makes it easy to change the sequence quickly to better organize a project.

Thanks to Richard Bryne - for introducing me to Thought Boxes.

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