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Source: Continuing Legal Education Regulators Association DISTANCE LEARNING TERMINOLOGY: A WORKING LIST. Originally Prepared by Kristen Hamilton, DE CLE / Source: ASTD E-Learning Glossary Updated January, 2007.

The information that follows comes directly from the resource cited above. It is being reprinted as a means to provide common-ground as we use terminology on campuses and in conversation speaking about online or hybrid learning. This terminology working list has been reposted as a five-part series this week whereby each post included seven terms. We hope that this was useful in some way or another such that we all speak the same language or have similar reference points.

Teleconferencing: Two-way electronic communication between two or more groups

in separate locations via audio, video, and/or computer systems.

Videoconferencing: Using video and audio signals to link participants at different

and remote locations.

Vodcast: or Vidcast is a method of publishing video/digital recordings to the

internet for download and/or playback on mobile devices and personal computers.

The video method of this delivery is an offshoot of podcast technology.

WBT (Web-based training): Delivery of educational content via a Web browser

over the public Internet, a private intranet, or an extranet. Web-based training often

provides links to other learning resources such as references, email, bulletin boards,

and discussion groups. WBT also may include a facilitator who can provide course

guidelines, manage discussion boards, deliver lectures, and so forth. When used with

a facilitator, WBT offers some advantages of instructor-led training while also

retaining the advantages of computer-based training.

Webcast: (Web + broadcast) (noun) A broadcast of video signals that's digitized

and streamed on the World Wide Web, and which may also be made available for

download. (verb) To digitize and stream a broadcast on the World Wide Web.

Web conference: A meeting of participants from disparate geographic locations

that's held in a virtual environment on the World Wide Web, with communication

taking place via text, audio, video, or a combination of those methods.

Webinar: (Web + seminar) A small synchronous online learning event in which a

presenter and audience members communicate via text chat or audio about concepts

often illustrated via online slides and/or an electronic whiteboard. Webinars are often

archived as well for asynchronous, on-demand access.

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