Thursday, December 9, 2010

Web 2.o Tools and Introducing SpiceyNodes

SpiceyNodes is a neat visual communication tool which represents information in nodes... kinda like how the human brain stores the info.

I maintain my academic homepage on spiceynodes and form time to time create topical 'nodes' for public consumption.  The web can certainly put you on information overload, and if anything, SpiceyNodes keeps you within Miller's Magic #7 rule.  I've learned, comfortably teaching a little less than you expected in the time given is better than rushing and teaching 'more' than you expected.  SpiceyNodes helps chunk content not only for yourself, but students as well.

Below is a representation of Web 2.0 tools [read Campus Technology article on why web 2.0 is important to higher education] which can be used in the classroom.  Click here to interact with the SpicyNode below ... seems not to like Blogger... it should be accessible below:(

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